Students of computer science support schools via the #LernenVernetztInformatik program. They help schools in various technical matters like, for example, by setting up servers, solving problems in the network or by setting up and moderating video conferences. Students also work with teachers and/or pupils by improving their use of digital infrastructures, setting up or adapting web servers, adapting and using learning platforms or, in general, they help with online teaching. In addition, the students of computer science are happy to help with all other problems that computer scientists can solve and, as prospective experts for current questions on the topics of artificial intelligence, security, software development, and many other topics in computer science, are happy to pass on their knowledge to teachers and students.   

Registration for #LernenVernetztInformatik

If you are interested in #LernenVernetztInformatik please use the registration for students or the registration for teachers and principals of #LernenVernetzt respectively.



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