Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because of the school closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many LUH students who study to become teachers were not able to complete their school internships. Some were not even able to start their internships at all. Thus, the team of Leibniz School Connect (LSConnect) developed the #LernenVernetzt programme in order to provide these students with a meaningful and skill-improving substitution for the internship. What is more, the initiative also supports schools, teachers, and pupils with their efforts in home learning.     


General Questions

School Internship Substitution and Key Competencies

  • Is it possible to use #LernenVernetzt as substitution for my (discontinued, cancelled, etc.) school internship? Who do I talk to about this?

    With some subjects it is possible to use #LernenVernetzt as part- or full-time substitution for your school internship. This is up to the respective institution. Please talk to the authorised person in your institute.   

  • What do I have to consider if I want to use #LernenVernetzt as a substitute for my school internship?


    With some subjects it is possible to use #LernenVernetzt as part- or full-time substitution for your school internship. This is up to the respective institute. Please talk to the person in charge for school internships at your institute.

    The Matches

    #LernenVernetzt primarily is an initiative that helps schools during the pandemic. Every school has different needs for support and it is possible that there is a match where you cannot work with the subjects you study. This is no problem for your general internship during your Bachelor studies. If you want to use #LernenVernetzt as a substitute for your subject-specific internship please talk to your lecturer before accepting a match.

    In some matches, you might not teach in the classical sense. Instead you might help pupils with generally structuring their learning or you might help the teachers with questions concerning digitization and teaching material. A conventional school internship shows that the everyday life of teachers ist much more than teaching and #LernenVernetzt also shows you this side to the job. 

    Number of Hours and General Time Frame

    Please talk to your instructor about the time you should invest in #LernenVernetzt in order to use it as substitution for a school internship. Usually, this time frame matches the number of hours you can find in the internship regulations. This includes not only hours you spend in online learning guidance sessions but also discussions with teachers and parents, preparations, etc. To receive the number of hours you need in order to use #LernenVernetzt as a substitution, it is possible to accept more than one match. Furthermore, #LernenVernetzt takes place in the school year and thus does not align with university semesters or breaks. 


    If you accept a match teachers and pupils look forwards to working with you at least for a half-term.

  • Can I get credit for #LernenVernetzt in the key competencies module?

    It is possible to use #LernenVernetzt in the Fächerübergreifender Bachelor as credit to the extent 60 hours for 2 credit points in section B (general competencies to promote professional ability) of the module key competencies.

    In the Bachelor Technical Education, #LernenVernetzt is credited to the extent of 60 hours with 2 credit points in section C (general competencies for the promotion of professional qualifications) of the key competencies module.



  • How does #LernenVernetzt ensure the safety of all participants?

    We ask students to guide the pupils at fixed times between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Furthermore, the students have to inform the teachers and LSConnect about the time and date of the appointments, the name of the Fairmeeting room, and the room's pass word. Thus, LSConnect is able to enter the digital meeting room in order to conduct spontaneous inspections. The students have to install the Fairmeeting room according to specific security requirements. Parents can also participate in the digital meetings with a muted microphone. Students and pupils are only allowed to communicate via the appointed means of communication (and never via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.). Nevertheless, students and pupils are of course allowed to use the digital platforms provided by the particular school.

  • Can parents join a fairmeeting appointment?

    Parents are allowed to join the fairmeeting appointments with a muted microphone.